Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winds of Change.

After the passing of my beloved Golden Retriever Solary last September our hearts were torn into pieces. But because nothing last forever, whether it is good or bad, my husband decided to give me another pet friend to lift my spirit and bring happiness to my life again. 
Here is Maximus! a Bernese Mountain dog and Australian Shepard mix sweetheart boy. 
Obviously no unconditional friend can be substituted, but your heart may one more time be filled with joy after having a piece of your heart cross to the other side of the rainbow bridge. 
Hopefully, this 2015 will be filled with smiles and tears of joy, as well as memories that will live in my eternal heart forever.
Happy New Year!
Here is my Max hanging around our working station, close to our paper punches like my Solary used to do. Hopefully, I'll have some time next year to start his scrapbook! lol
Thanks for looking!!

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  1. I am so sorry for your is devastating! This pup is beautiful....I am glad hair on a dog doesn't bother you! He will be a great friend....just give him a chance, I found that after I put my Maya down in Nov. of 2013 I just couldn't pick out another husband did the same thing , he brought home a little pup in need of a home....and after a year she is part of our family....there is always a little more love in the heart of a dog person...:)